Friday, June 19, 2009

Bring on the Butterflies

My garden vision has always included a big butterfly bush in the corner. The first one was ordered from Burpee's catalogue, and I was in denial for weeks that it was DOA. Meanwhile, I kept searching the local nurseries for another one, and finally hit paydirt at the Gray Barn in Redmond. The tag says this color is "Royal Red," but it looks more like a pinkish purple.


Robin Archibald said...

Hi Rain Likely,

I found your blog on Rachelle's party today and was interested because I garden, too--in Lancaster, PA.

I envy you your wonderfully weed-free, organized garden pictured in your May 18 post! We are still trying to create such a garden from a long unkept property.

This spring we had an additional family responsibility and the garden got mostly ignored, setting us back. Oh well . . . Next year. I will enjoy your photes until then.

Rain Likely said...

Thanks Robin!

"Weed free" is mostly a result of judicious picture cropping :)